• Duration:14 Day(s)
  • Destination:Nepal
  • Grade:Technical Challenging

It's a unique opportunity for us to experience a living in the Gurung villages and introduce Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek which starts from Halishi, a pilgrimage for Hindu devotees which is half of an hour from Beni towards Right sided hill of Raughat River. Here, other ethnic groups are also found but, the Gurung majority will allow us to know their livings and cultures and, hence can also be said as a centre for Gurung life styles, cultures and norms besides the trekking of the DHAULAGIRI SANCTURY. The attraction point of these Gurung villages are the way they welcome guests in their villages and the house so beautifully roofed with flat stones and the houses wall paste putting of red and white muds.

Starting to walk from Beni for 3 days, we have to rest night in the villagers' home then from the 4th day to go through Camping management. It's a new trail discovered by the exploration team of Western Nepal on 0ct month, 2015. It's hard to take donkeys and horses in the paths of our trek, because of narrowed paths, bamboo bushes and cliffs. But, here we can hire potters easily on our paths when no other options are possible. If we are lucky enough then sometimes we can also get chance to taste fish of the Raughat River but, as the river water is so cold directly descending from the himalaya, the fishes are less in number to find as we ascend up. Spending last night at Chhari and along with Raughat River taking 2 days camping, we can reach at Dhaulagiri Sanctury Base Camp which is at an elevation of 4000 M and directly standing mountain from the base camp at an elevation of 8091 meters from the sea level that while taking sight of the Dhaulagiri summit one feels that he has loosen his own cap. In reality, directly standing mountain from the Sanctuary Base Camp will allow us to see beautiful sights of two mixed glaciers which will be describable no less than that of heaven. Arriving at the Dhaulagari Sanctury Base Camp we will have different options to choose; taking same elevation towards west from the Sanctuary Base Camp, we can see a half dozen mountains of Dhaulagiri Range while descending down from Chilime danda and after a few days of walk and after following few paths of Dhaulagiri Round, we can return back ktm or, if we have enough time then we can also join the West Dhaulagiri Trek that can take more than 3 weeks. Again, if we have lesser time then from the Sanctury Base Camp, we can choose 2ndalternative route from Phedi- Pahirokharka and reach Kalapani of Mustang which lies in the east from the Sanctuary Base Camp. Not only taking sights of Dhaulagiri from the east pass, we can also take sights of Annapurna Himalayas and the Mustang that reflects the life styles of Tibet. After Arriving Kalapani on the side of Kali Gandaki River, we can connect to highway road and take Jeep to Kalapani - Beni- Pokhara and finally, return Kathmandu. And, again if we are having a very little time, then excluding the above paths and, taking 3rd option by following back to Raughat Khola on the left side with better possibility to see the sights of beautiful villages and stay at Chhipkhola. Here, we can see how local people have connected the local villages by cutting down the Rocky cliffs using their locally available tools and the locals struggling for a life and waiting for tourist. From Chhimkhola, we can walk half day up to Daknam and return back to Beni by local jeep.

Day to day outline itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu – Pokhara

Day 02: Pokhara – Jhee Village (Local Bus)

Day 03: Jhee Village – Rayakhor

Day 04: Rayakhor – Dhar

Day 05: Dhar - Phedi

Day 06: Phedi – Kalibara River Side

Day 07: Kalibara River Side – Sanctuary B.C.

Day 08: Santuary BC to Shangurthala

Day 09: Shangurthala - Phedi

Day 10: Phedi - Pairakharka

Day 11: Pairakharka - Lete

Day 12: Lete - Beni

Day 13: Beni - Pokhara

Day 14: Pokhara - Kathmandu