• Duration:22 Day(s)
  • Destination:Nepal
  • Max. Altitude:5911 m
  • Grade:Strenuous

Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Transportation: Private Vehicle / Bus

Accommodation: Lodge + Camping

Max. Altitude: 5911 m

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The trek starts from Khaula and follow along Rukumkot, the point where Lower will come to meet. Now, this same path will take us to Sisne Village. The ridge path from Sisne divides which either followed to meet Okhreni or Damar then from Damar, we reach Gupta Daha. The 3rd option shown below is the main route or the recommended one. But, according to your time schedule,we can choose our path based from Gupta Daha:

path taken along Laipa and Rukum Pokhara and return back: Rukum Pokhara is renowned of its old culture, Kamal daha, integral ethnicity settlement.

from Gupta Daha path along Dammana to Shyarpu Lake and return back: We can get fine tastes of variety of fishes of the Shyarpu Lake.

from Pokhari along the ridge path to Jhula Thuma: best point to get views of West Dhaulagiri mountainsand return back,

from Pokhari, along Maurakhar: Rimna can be reached which is the junction of Sano Bheri and the Thulo Bheri River and return back from here.

The trek carries importance of the historic value which describes the tunnel trenches in the form of debris during the civilian war from 1996 to 2006 AD., the remote village life that is culturally rich too. From here, we get clear view of West Dhaulagiri although being far from us. The trek of the middle point will introduce us to a town known as Rukumkot, Lotus Lake (Kamal daha),the majority of Chhetri ethnic, very famous wild honey hunting point. Gupta daha is the main attraction with heavenly feeling where we can see beautiful view of Sisne inside the lake. Likewise, Kamal daha is more attractive with the lotus plants that also symbolize positive part in the circle of negative or bad thoughts. Human settlement found at 2700 M. Although being Sisne Mountain small in appearance, it was shifted away from the Himalayan range towards south and, now it is visible from the terai belt of Nepal so, carries its enormous value.

The Best views from Jange Thala and Jhula Thuma includes Sisne Himal, best views of Sano Bheri River and popular mountains of west Dhaulagiri and from Jharmare, we can receive views of some parts of Kanjirowa.

Day to day outline itinerary

Day 01: KTM to Dang

Day 02: Dang to Khaule (Daya)

Day 03: Khaule to Kalapokhara

Day 04: Kalapokhare to Dware

Day 05: Dware to Maibang

Day 06: Maibang to Rukumkot

Day 07: Rukumkot to Triptara

Day 08: Triptara to Bhattechour

Day 09: Bhattechour to Sisne Village

Day 10: Sisne Village to Bhedewodar

Day 11: Bhedewadar to Sisne BC

Day 12: Sisne BC to Damar

Day 13: Damar to Guptadaha

Day 14: Guptadaha to Khalti

Day 15: Khalti to Dammana

Day 16: Dammana to Basera

Day 17: Bahsera to Naduwa

Day 18: Naduwa to Melchour

Day 19: Melchour to Thumabayelne

Day 20: Thumabayalnaa to Garaghat

Day 21: Garaghat to Dang

Day 22: Dang to KTM