• Duration:14 Day(s)
  • Destination:Nepal
  • Max. Altitude:4200 m
  • Grade:Moderate

Max. Altitude: 4200 m

Group Size: 2

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We don’t have big mountains in the western part of Nepal but, the small mountains that we have are really beautiful by themselves. Actually, western Nepal is rich in natural, adventurous activities, culture and, other various tourism activities. We have lots of new destinations for varied tourists among which, Chakhure Trek is the best one with really new experience, the first discovery of Western Nepal Treks and Expedition this April, 2015.

A short description of the Trek
Among the treks in western part of Nepal, Chakure Trek is really fascinating and adventurous one. The mountains here are small but, they are really beautiful. You can make your trek complete at various points of the route according to your choice. Taking route, Chaurjhari  - Chakhure - Dolpa or, by Chaurjhari – Chakhure – Jumla - Rara, the trek can be completed but, if you are having enough time, then you can reach to Jumla/ Rara or, up to Bajura. Reaching at various places, we cross some smaller passes. Among the passes, from Chakhure Pass (4200 m), we will be able to take sights of many mountains of the Western Nepal like Kanjirawa (6883 m), Patrasi (6627 m), Saipal (7030 m), Dhaulagiri Range (8167 m). Along with this, before reaching Chakhure Pass we get followed by the Nurshing River for 3 days then we enter to Nayakbada of Jajarkot district which is culturally rich, geographically fascinating. Between Nayakbada and, the Chakhure Pass, we are able to see different pasteur lands, rhododendron Trees, pine trees and, few really beautiful snowy hills too while walking along the Range river. Finally, the Chakhure Lake provides a feeling of heavenly pleasure. At various places, man- made cottages are available for the trekkers where, we have possibility to stay and, experience local cultures from the villagers (Shepherds, farmers, Nomaids/ Rautes). If we are deciding our trek on March, April and May, we find villagers busy in searching seasonal mushrooms as well as other varied herbs in the jungles, the secondary income source after agriculture for them. During our trek, there is possibility to see Red Pandas, which the Western Nepal is uniquely famous for. From Chakhure Lake, we can descend towards Napani, also known as Apple Garden of Jumla. Another new trek, Thakurjee has its some parts in the Chakhure Trek that starts at Tumtu.

After reaching Jumla, we can return back to Nepalgunj or, can extend our route to Rara Lake, just 2 hour away from Rara Lake, we reach Talche Airport (Mugu) from where we can also fly back to Nepalgunj. I f we have more 3 days then, we can go Kolte Airport( Bajura) from Rara Lake and, fly back to Nepalgunj. Travelling from Rara to Kolte, we have to follow Khatyad River for 2 days that originates for Rara Lake which comes to meet Humla Karnali at Jhugala; Mugu Karnali is dominated by Humla Karnali, is a sacred water since, it comes from Tibet. More people want to take bath in this sacred water with the belief that people get rid of past bad sins.

You can make your trek newly experiencing and, enjoyable with the hospitality of Western Nepal Treks. Experience the first feel with the first developed route in the western part of Nepal.


Pls, contact our mountain expert, Mr. Man Bahadur Khatri (+9779849413854) for any queries of your.

Day to day outline itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu (KTM) - Nepalgunj (NPJ)

Day 02: Nepalgunj to Chaurjhari

Day 03: Chaurjhari - Kalimati (by Jeep)

Day 04: Kalimati - Saphukhola

Day 05: Sapukhola - Kaulebagar

Day 06: Kaulebagar - Daha

Day 07: Daha - Langna

Day 08: Langnaa - Chautari

Day 09: Chautari - Tumti

Day 10: Tumtu - Napani

Day 11: Napani - Guthichour

Day 12: Guthichour - Jumla

Day 13: Jumla - Nepalgunj (NPJ)

Day 14: Nepalgunj (NPJ) - Kathmandu (KTM)