• Duration:32 Day(s)
  • Destination:Nepal
  • Grade:Technical Challenging

Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Transportation: Private Vehicle / Bus

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On the north side of Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, the Mt. Putha Expedition locates as its boundary. It’s name was been given with the language of Magar ethnic that Putha meaning mountain which indicates that the trek reflects directly tradition, norms and the whole culture of the Magars.

It’s one of the very beautiful mountains in the western part of Dhalagiri Range. Putha Himal resembles with the Churen Himal from distance; so are also indicated as twins. The famous settlement areas are the Maikot village of Rukum and Gurja Khani of Myagdi. At its surrounding are other beautiful mountains like Dogari, Samjang, Churen. On the base of the mountain, we have a zone of Yarsagumba where researches, students and the merchants come every year from the world.

We have developed a game trail until base camp from Rukum side (south face), explored by Western Nepal treks being leaded by Mr. Man Bd. Khatri, the founder of this company and a Mountain guide or an explorer. Till now, no one has climbed from this side where Mr. Man Bd. suggests that it could be done from the south face which make less expensive than that form the North face (Dolpo side). Although, the expedition duration from either faces is equal, the south face offers cheaper than from the north face because of no obligation of take flight.

Close to this expedition, in the region of Dogari, we also find crystals. Not only with excitement generating in this expedition, we are also covering the major parts of West Dhaulagiri Upper Trek. This expedition is also quite famous for other activities like skiing, popular from North face; not practiced from the south face (estimated difficult).

In the initial and the final days we could stay in the villagers’ house and for most of the time during our expedition period, we have to go on camping mode.

Day to day outline itinerary

Day 01: KTM to Beni

Day 02: Beni to Phalyagaun

Day 03: Phalyagaun to Lulang

Day 04: Lulang to Gurjakhani

Day 05: Gurjakahni to Dalsinge Camp

Day 06: Dalsinge Camp to Bhujungebra

Day 07: Bhujungra to Churen Base Camp

Day 08: Churen Base Camp to Putha Base Camp

Day 09: Climbing duration

Day 21: Nayaban/ Sanghur Lake – Bhedagoth

Day 22: Bhadagoth to Sayngkhola Bagar

Day 23: SyangKholaBagar - Sang khola

Day 24: SangKhola–Dule/ Hanpa

Day 25: Dule/ Hanpa–Pelma/ Maikot

Day 26: Maikot – Dharmashala

Day 27: Dharmashala – Takashera

Day 28: Takashera – Nishidhor

Day 29: Nishidhor – Dhorpatan

Day 30: Dhorpatan – Burtibang

Day 31: Burtibang – Pokhara

Day 32: Pokhara - Kathmandu