• Duration:12 Day(s)
  • Destination:Nepal
  • Grade:Moderate

This unique moderate trek will introduces you to a place may be called dreamland in the western part of Nepal. The trek will be most suitable for those who are interested with natural beauty, culture and, medicinal herbs. The main occupation of the people of this region is agriculture and, secondly the trade/ business.

This trek starts from Gorgeous, very beautiful Rara Lake at Talcha Airport and, ends at the adventurous paradise land, Khaptad National Park. These two Parks join Mid- Western Region with the Far- Western Region. The speciality of this trek will be these two protected areas in the regions of Western Nepal and, the rich cultures and, traditions of aborigine groups. Rara Lake, the biggest & deepest fresh water lake of Nepal at higher elevation of 2999 m with coniferous forest around, snow-capped Himalayan range in the north, will be the target place to any visitors. It’s interesting that the origin of the lake is difficult to identify but, passes out from the west and, joins with the Jugala Khola and, finaly meets Humla Karnali. The sites of high Himalayas, white plateau, local culture, arts and, the living styles of the generations will always remain fresh in the heart of every one. The lake appears very beautiful from Murmato (3400 m) and, at Chuchemara Lake (4039 m). Beautiful mountains like Api, Saipal, Kangirowa, Nampha and, Kagmara are clearly visible from the Rara National Park. The grazing of cattles, cows, buffalows are always fresh in the grassy plateaus. You can enjoy a pleasure of ride on a local boat in the early morning. During winter, the routes are covered with the snows. So, May and June will be best to visit Rara Region. But, at this time, the environment is beautifully decorated with flowers of various colours. A diverse culture and, religion is another attraction part of this region which would provide an experience of Lhosar, Tibetan festivals and, Dashain Tihar, sammanism, have a habitat of Lama and, saints who always make prayer/ song of mantra.

The most popular and, the easiest way to reach Rara Lake is walk an hour after being dropped at the Talcha Airport from Nepalgunj on flight. Twin otter service is available in the airport operated from Nepalgunj and, Surkhet. One can reach Rara Area by flight consuming 30 minutes from Nepalgunj or, from surkhet nearly 2 days graveled roads to travel. Jumla, gateway to Rara Lake is the main commercial center of the Kailali district; consumes 3 more days. So, we prefer to take flight directly to Talcha Airport.  On the route from Jumla to Rara Lake, we have opportunity to visit the historically important Synagya Valley and, the Chauthapina which reflects unique lifestyles of the past and, the present.

After 5 days duration from Rara Lake, Laske Chour at an elevation of 2450 m will admit us to beautiful Khaptad National Park named after a renowned spiritual saint or, holy man or hermit, Khaptad Baba would welcome us to renowned Khaptad Baba Ashram, a religious site where Hindu Pilgrims come to worship the Lord Shiva on the full moon of July – August each year makes the Khaptad National Park uniquely famous. Very soon after the establishment of hermitage in a small cave for 50 years, he got realized that the khaptad plateau was a centralized zone of the past civilization, The Mahabharata Period and, was an unmeasurable store house of magical herbs. He also considered that Khaptad was the most suited place on Earth to get practice of yoga and, meditation. Khaptad Baba or Swami or Saint who has given some jewel of knowledge in this book- The Science Of Thought, died at the age so- called of 130 years. One will also experience a biodiversity rich ecosystem: moorland, steep slopes and, streams, flora- 567 sps , fauna- 333 sps in which only birds counts 287 species, himalayan black beer, lophophorus (Danphe), patridge, Bulbul, vulture, Chir, Pine, Rhododendron and, Oak forest in the riverine areas.

The Trek will provide an opportunity to experience wilderness but, natural beauty, medicinal herbs, adventurous and, the most hidden cultures & traditions, past civilization and, meditation are the specialities of this region. So, here we welcome you to experience the naturality of this trek.

Day to day outline itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj

Day 02: Nepalgunj to Talcha/ Rara Lake

Day 03: Rara Lake ( time pass here)

Day 04: Rara Lake to Sirkot

Day 05: Sirkot to Jholunge Pul

Day 06: Jholunge Pul to Kolti

Day 07: Kolti to Martadi

Day 08: Martadi to Dogadi

Day 09: Dogadi to Khaptad National Park

Day 10: Khaptad National Park to Bajhang

Day 11: Bajhang to Dhangadi (by Bus)

Day 12: Dhangadhi to Kathmandu