• Duration:16 Day(s)
  • Destination:Nepal

Yarsa Trek is a botanical trek; referred to trekking in the botanical life of Yarsagumba. Villagers and merchants from the neighboring villages and districts gather at the same place and collect these botanical species, Yarsagumba which comes from the latin word: Cordyceps Sinesis also literally known as summer plant and winter insect in Tibetan. What actually Yarsagumba is, is a plant species that comes under fungus called Mushroom whose spores falls and germinates on a suitable substratum known as caterpillar before the rainy season arrives & ready to be collected on April, May, June & July. Yarsagumba is medically important and expensive herb which has renowned its importance and popularity because of aphrodisiac (a himalayan herbal viagra) and life saving tonic property.  Yearly, students and researchers visit the meadows of Yarsagumba in the Dolpa Region to make study and find discover about new within the land boundary of the Kingdom of Nepal.

The route is same for Yarsa round and the Yarsa Trek up to Phuphal Phedi. The route followed to Dunai or Dolpo along with Thandi from Phuphal Phedi is the Yarsa Trek. From Juphal, Dolpo we can fly back to Nepalgunj. The ridges route from Phupal Phedi to Baghdanda and Sisne Village and return back to Rukumkot, is the Yarsa Round Trek. We have options to meet at Maikot from Rukum and nearby places and also along Dhopatan Hunting Reserve from Baglung, Pokhara and nearby places.

The popular yarsa hunt spots are Phuphal and Thangi in this trek. You will be taken though a journey of wide- ranged natural habitat of flora and fauna including Himalayan thar, elusive snow leopard, exotic animals, bluish sheep, kham culture of Magar ethnic in Maikot, the yarsagumba huntings.

Day to day outline itinerary

Day 01: KTM - Baglung

Day 02: Baglung - Dhorpatan

Day 03: Dhorpatan - Thankur

Day 04: Thankur - Pelma

Day 05: Pelma - Dule

Day 06: Dule - SangKhola

Day 07: Sang khola - Phupal

Day 08: Phupal - Ghurang

Day 09: Ghurang - Eassy

Day 10: Eassy - Dunai

Day 11: Dunai - Tirpurakot

Day 12: Tirpurakot - Khadang

Day 13: Khadang - Tribeni

Day 14: Tribeni - Rinma

Day 15: Rinma - Dang

Day 16: Dang - KTM