• Duration:24 Day(s)
  • Destination:Nepal
  • Max. Altitude:5350 m (Nangdalo la Pass)

Max. Altitude: 5350 m (Nangdalo la Pass)

Best Seasons: Spring (March, April & May) & Autumn (Sept, Oct, & Nov)

Mode of transport: Private Vehicle & Flight

Accommodation : Camping Trek

Meals : Full board during trekking

Group Size: ≥ 2

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Upper Dolpo trek is an extraordinary of remoteness, wild and the mysteriousness of the beautiful region; lies in between the Tibetan and the Annapurna & Dhaulagiri massifs in the region of Shey Phoksundo National Park- the largest of Nepal. It is one of the restricted trekking regions of Nepal; was opened for trekkers in the late eighties.

Tibet being the neighbouring place, the traditional mountain settlements of this region preserves Bon- Po religion and the Tibetan Buddhist Culture. The traditions and customs of this region are quite similar to that of Tibet. One will restore a pure memorable of Tibetan culture dated back to 1200 years having the highest settlements on the planet. In his book- “The Snow Leopard” Peter Mathesons describes his journey through the beautiful land of the Dolpo Region. The Nepal’s first English subtitled and Oscar nominated, Nepali movie, “Caravan” was also shot in the same region. Because of the holy mountain called by “Crystal Mountain”, each year hundreds of pilgrims travelers from Tibet and neighbouring villages that provides a definite sketch of the mountain circuit. Really, Upper Dolpo is a region of mystical beauty with opportunities of exploration, excursion around Nepal’s largest National Park popular with snow leopard, tranquil beauty of Phoksundo Lake, the trek along Kali Gandaki Valley- the world’s deepest George. The trek passes through beautiful valleys, very old local settlements with interesting places, gigantic mountains, forests with pine trees, rhododendrons, Oaks, the ancient spectacular landscapes, mind catching (mesmerizing) Shey Phoksundo Lake, the isolated villages of Rimna, the century old, Buddha monasteries (known by Shey Gompa) etc.

The treks main route follows the order: Kathmandu – Nepalgunj – Juphal (the start point) – Dunai- Rimna Village - Mendo. Having a day rest in the village for its exploration along with the exploration around the serene and the cobalt blue- Phoksundo Lake will lead us higher to Crystal Monastry (known by Shey Gompa) which assures us a feeling of steeping back in time. After crossing Niwal Pass at 5120 m, we continue our trek to reach Sangda Phedi and tale a descended trail to Dhagarjun and finally, to reach Jhomsom. After having a memorable trek experience of the Upper Dolpo, we take flight to Pokhara for rest or for its final exploration and from here, we return back to Ktm.

The best seasons include Spring (March, April & May) & Autumn (Sept, Oct, & Nov) for this trek primarily. We will exclude monsoon season because of heavy snow fall. Trekking holidays of Decemnber, January and February are favorable for your selective choice of peace and non crowd.

No technical but a physical fitness or previous trekking experiences along with medical conditions are required to be of sound status.


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Day to day outline itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu - (1360m)

Day 02: Sightseeing Around Kathmandu Valley.

Day 03: Flight to Nepalgunj - (150m)

Day 04: Flight to Juphal - 2475m

Day 05: Trek to Chhepka - (2838m) - 6 hrs Walk

Day 06: Trek to Palam - (3820m) - 6-7 hrs Walk

Day 07: Trek to Phoksundo Lake - (3620m) 4 hrs Walk

Day 08: Exploring Day

Day 09: Trek to Salla Ghari - (3640m) - 5-6 hrs Walk

Day 10: Trek to Lar Tsa - (4120m) 6 hrs Walk

Day 11: Trek to Shey Gompa - (4320m) - 7-8 hrs Walk

Day 12: Rest Day - Shey Gompa

Day 13: Trek to Namgung - (4430m) - 6 hrs Walk

Day 14: Trek to Saldang - (4046m) - 3 hrs Walk

Day 15: Trek to Sibu - (4000m) - 6 hrs Walk

Day 16: Trek to foot of the Jengla - (4480m) - 4-5 hrs Walk

Day 17: Trek to Tokyo Gaon - (4240m) - 6-7 hrs Walk

Day 18: Trek to Dho Tarap - (4200m) - 2 hrs Walk

Day 19: Trek to Serkam - (3623ft.) - 7 hrs Walk

Day 20: Trek to Tarakot - (2280m) 5 hrs Walk

Day 21: Trek to Dunai - (2109m) - 5 hrs Walk

Day 22: Trek to Juphal - (2404m) - 3 hrs Walk

Day 23: Flight Nepalgang - Kathmandu

Day 24: Departure to your destination