Our Team

  • Man Bahadur Khatri

    Man Bahadur Khatri

    [Pioneer Explorer]

    Being dedicated in line of tourism activities and achievements, Mr. Khatri stood as a founder Director and professionally a renowned Climber and a Mountain Guide from Western part of Nepal. So, far he has travelled so many countries of Europe and Asia inorder to develop and achieve the only field of his life, tourism in Nepal.
    He started his life in tourism while he was 18 years of age. He involved himself more towards exploration of new and remote parts of western part of Nepal than towards an academic part. Being as a professional guide has achieved training in various heads of tourism activities like Skiing, mountain trekking and has received certificated & medals from Nepal Mountaineering Association and Nepal Tourism Board.

    Currenntly, Mr. Khatri is giving his time in sharing his tourism projects and, the possibilities after visiting or coordinating with different customers of national and international level and also, evaluates the overall development of the agency. 

  • Churna Tharu (Kundan)

    Churna Tharu (Kundan)

    [Operational Manager]

    Contributing to develop the sector of tourism from the time establishment of this company, Mr. Tharu is energetic in the streams of event management and cooperation with different local bodies of the nation. Conducted researches of expeditions locally in the western part of Nepal; culturally and historically.
    Being born in Bardiya district, Mr. Tharu completed school level education from Banke district and shifted kathmandu for higher studies of Science and Medical & Allied Sciences; can critically analyse the social and cultural aspects of the society. He holds Bachelor Degree in Public Health and have already gone through numerous supervisions & monitoring and few researches of various medical programs in Nepal.

    Currently, he handles documentation in and out of the office at local and the national level. Additionally, his role is to coordinate with various parties or customers for the tourism activities and, all the subjects related to website updating. 

  • Hreetu Shrestha

    Hreetu Shrestha

    [Marketing manager]

    Hreetu is a dedicated officer who handles all the documentation related to tourism activities of the office and, also performs parts related to web- site updating. Additionally, she's involved in publicity and the marketing of projects of our office & its management. Her personality of fluent speaking and dealing with the customer is her best quality that we can say.

  • Vinayak Jaya Malla

    Vinayak Jaya Malla

    [Trekking Guide & Climber]

    Vinayak is an aspirant and a Trekking Guide to his best we can say. He has climbed lots of technical mountains including Ama Dablam. He has been contributing the agency since the time of its establishment.

  • All Bahadur Khatri

    All Bahadur Khatri

    [Trekking Guide & Climber]

    Contribution in the sectors of exploration; is a real Trekking Guide and a Climber. He is also a good mountain cook. he was involved in exploration in western Nepal

  • Tek Bahadur Budha Magar

    Tek Bahadur Budha Magar

    [Office Assistant]

    Mr. Tek is our soft handler and a faithful boy who completes numerous given clericals as well as in the sectors of Hotel, Airport for accommodation, Guests handling in Ktm etc. He works patiently in  coordination with Executive Office, Correspondence Officer and the Operational Manager. 

  • Ramisha Tamang

    Ramisha Tamang

    [Correspondence Officer]

    Ramisha is a dedicated officer who completes documentation works in the office and, also performs works related to web- site updating. She is busy in the editing of various packages for the projects. Additionally, she contributes time for the publicity and marketing of the project of our office & its management. She is best at her fluent speaking with the customers.