• Duration:28 Day(s)
  • Destination:Nepal

Trip Duraition: 28 Days

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This trek starts from Kali Gandaki and ends at the Bheri River. The purpose of this trek is to discover different ethnic groups such as Chhantyal in Kuinskhani, Khibang, Gurja Khani and Magar in Maikot and other ethnic groups (chhetris, dalits) western part of Nepal. The part in between these rivers is the Dhaulagiri Range and the visitors come for the South Lower part of the range.

This trek introduces us to popular historic events, the culture, the integrated lifestyle, beautiful landscapes, biodiversity of Dhorpatan Hunting Trek. This trek follows independent path in the beginning. Starting from Gurja Khani the route comes to meet with the path of West Dhaulagiri Lower, Dhorpatan Cultural Trek, Sisne Village and finally to reach Bheri River. The ridge paths from Damar - Gupta Daha – Dammana – Pokhari and finally, along the path of Maurakhar to Rinma ends this trek.

Beautiful continual Dhaulagiri Mountain Range lies between Kali Gandaki River and Bheri River. We can also see some hidden mountains of Dhaulagiri range, Putha, Dogari, Chren, Sisne Himal in this trek only. Maurakhar bears dense forest and is a Maoist affected zone where training of Horticulture and Animal husbandry were practiced during that time.

The core focus of this trek is the integrated lifestyle and the various subjects that come under Dhaulagiri Mountain Range, the old culture, biodiversity of Dhorpatan Hunting Trek. 

Day to day outline itinerary

Day 01: Ktm - Beni

Day 02: Beni - Kalapani

Day 03: Kalapani - Pairokharka

Day 04: Pairokharka - Chaurkhani

Day 05: Chaurkhani - Lusbang

Day 06: Lusbang - Khibang

Day 07: Arche - Ghurma

Day 08: Ghurma – Gurja

Day 09: Gurjakhani - Jharchour

Day 10: Jharchaur - Phalyaghar

Day 11: Phalyaghar - MarmiParmi

Day 12: MarmiParmi - ThadoDhogari

Day 13: ThadoDhogari - PhupalPhedi

Day 14: PhupalPhedi to Dule

Day 15: Dule – Tijang – Ranjari

Day 16: Ranjari to Bhanwar

Day 17: Bhanwar to Maurachaur

Day 18: Maurachaur to Lampakha/ Sisne Village

Day 19: Sisne Village - Damar/ Okhreni

Day 20: Damar/ Okhreni - Guptadaha

Day 21: Guptadaha - Khalti

Day 22: Khalti - Dammana

Day 23: Dammana - Basera

Day 24: Bahsera - Naduwa

Day 25: Naduwa - Maurakhara

Day 26: Maurakharka - Rinma

Day 27: Rinma - Dang

Day 28: Dang - Ktm

Detail Itinerary

Day 15Dule – Tijang – Ranjari or, Dule to Maikot- 3 hrs downhill and join the main trek again