About Western Nepal Treks

We heartedly welcome you to official website of Western Nepal Treks and Expeditions !!

Western Nepal treks and expedition came in the global tourism market with special, real test of western Nepal tourism product and some common products. We,the people, directly involved in Western Nepal exploration and promotion. Most of us, we are from western part of Nepal as a volunteer ambassador. In brief, Western part of Nepal is really beautiful with its bio diversities, landscapes and as well as cultural aspects but, due to lack of transportation and various other touristic facilities as well as lack of awareness. It is still virgin. In general, western Nepal is undoubtedly the newest tourist destination in Nepal, untouched and unexplored, this area holds some of the most potential attractions.

Since the establishment of the company in 11th of August, 2013, it has renowned with the contribution and dedication to exploration of new & remote parts and thereafter, developing the map so as to help locals benefit from tourism activities. Not, only dedicated to providing homely services to visitors, our company also provides opportunities to fresh manpower from different backgrounds like tourism and backward communities of the nation after analysing their skills and talents.