About Western Nepal Treks

We heartily welcome you to official website of Western Nepal Treks and Expeditions !!

Venturing into Western Nepal, our Western Nepal Treks and Expedition aim to unveil its hidden wonders, offering a genuine taste of its biodiversity, landscapes and culture to the global tourism market. Hindered by challenges like  transportation and tourism facilities Western Nepal remains largely unexplored. As volunteer ambassordors, we are passionately working to overcome these obstacles, promote sustainable tourism, and showcase the region's unique offerings. Your footsteps matter- let's trek responsibly and make a lasting impact on the pristine beauty of western Nepal.

Since out founding on August 11, 2013, we've been exploring new places and creating maps. Beyond offering warm hospitality to visitors, we provide employment opporutunities to the people from diverse backgrounds, considering their skills and talents. This not only makes a difference in one's life but in an entire family.