• Duration:22 Day(s)
  • Destination:Nepal
  • Grade:Technical Challenging

Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Transportation: Private Vehicle / Bus

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Peace and pleasant but adventurous new trek, West Dhaulagiri Upper has been explored. Although starts from Dharabang, it covers five Glaciers of different mountains and, ends at Shyarpu Lake in 21 days. To cross middle typed 7 passes of different mountains are really exciting as well as challenging. In this trekking what exciting part is that within first 3 days and in the last two days, we meet villagers but, we find very hardly any pedestrians on our trek for 16/ 17 days. On going towards west, we will find pedestrians somehow while they make travelling from Rukum to Dolpa because, 3 passes come on our path, the road which also goes from south to the north. On our initial days of trek, we will find Himalayan Nawar in between the mountains; Dogari and Putha. Sometimes, we will also be able to find crystals of varying shapes at Dogari and Samjang. Trekking in the West Dhaulagiri Upper will also allow us to make sights of different lakes and ponds that make our journey very pleasant. At the same time, visitors will receive an opportunity to see varied species of himalayan medicinal or herbal plants. The virgin trek is welcoming to new visitors at its place, the journey which will be challenging and explorative for those interested in this field.

Visitors need to prepare camping somehow in between initial 3 days and last 2 days of whole trek days for 16/ 17 days. But, this trek provides a better opportunity to those who really love this field and want to explore unexplored hidden areas and respect local tourism at their own level.

Day to day outline itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu - Beni

Day 02: Beni to Phalyagaun

Day 03: Phalyagaun to Lulang

Day 04: Lulang to Gurjakhani

Day 05: Gurjakahni to Dalsinge Camp

Day 06: Dalsinge Camp to Bhujungebra

Day 07: Bhujungra to Churen Base Camp

Day 08: Churen Base Camp to Nayaban

Day 09: Nayaban - Bhedagoth

Day 10: Bhadegoth to Sayngkhola Bagar

Day 11: Syangkhola Bagar to Ghurang

Day 12: Ghurang to Sundaha

Day 13: Sundaha to Chauri Kharka

Day 14: Chauri Kharka to Majghari

Day 15: Majghari to Sisne Village

Day 16: Sisne Village to Gupta Daha

Day 17: Gupta Daha to Khalti

Day 18: Khalti to Dammana/ Chisapani

Day 19: Dammana to Shyarpu Lake

Day 20: Syarpu Lake to Chhinkhet

Day 21: Chhinkhet to Dang

Day 22: Dang to Ktm