• Duration:15 Day(s)
  • Destination:Nepal
  • Grade:Moderate

Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Transportation: Private Vehicle / Bus

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Situated in between Myagdi River and Thuli Bheri out of different trekking Sisne trekking is one of the important and attractive trekking. With the shape like that of Machchhapuchre Mountain, the visiting of Sisne Mountain at an backward district, Rukum of mid- western part with an objective to develop tourism in Rukum when we had successfully expedited it, it got renowned over world. Not only keeping aside the climbing of Sisne mountain, other dimensions like the culture of local Rukumeli, the different touristic trails were also equally taken for the development of Sisne Trek. Although being Sisne Mountain small in appearance, it was shifted away from the Himalayan range towards south and, now it is visible from the terai belt of Nepal so, carries its enormous value.

Within Sisne Trek, the Kamal lake of Rukum, Deurali Cave, the Gupta daha of Sisne and the Shyarpu lake of Banfikot has provided a lot importance to visitors. Integrating different castes together, the old village settlements and in addition, Sano Bheri passing by at the midpoint of Rukum are the supportive attractions of the Sisne Trekking. During the civilian war in Nepal, Sisne was taken as the base and many literaturers has written songs and poems and had increased the importance of this trek and, now also while conducting this trek at various places, war trenches in the form of debris can be seen till today.

Day to day outline itinerary

Day 01: Kathmamndu - Dang

Day 02: Kathmandu - Rukum Khaula/ Dogari

Day 03: Dogari - Kal Pokhara

Day 04: Kal Pokhara - Maibang/ vataladene

Day 05: Vataladare - Pokhara/ Aulachar

Day 06: Aulachaur - Tipatara

Day 07: Tiptara - Bhattechour

Day 08: Bhattechour - Sisne Village

Day 09: Sisne Village - Gupta Lake

Day 10: Gupta Lake - Khulti

Day 11: Khulti - Jhuma

Day 12: Jhuma - Shyarpu Lake

Day 13: Shyarpu Lake - Lochebang

Day 14: Lochebang - Dang

Day 15: Dang - Kathmandu