• Duration:24 Day(s)
  • Destination:Nepal
  • Max. Altitude:5911 m
  • Grade:Strenuous

Max. Altitude: 5911 m

Best Seasons: Spring (March, April & May)

Mode of transportation: Tourist Bus

Accommodation: Lodge + Camping

Group Size: ≥ 2

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Himalayas in the western part of Nepal are small but, its future possible markets are very large and, attractive. Sisne mountain is inland peak of Rukum district and the west highest peak of the west Dhaulagiri massif, at an elevation of 5911 m. Sisne is inland peak of Rukum district, Sisne is also known by another famous name as Murkatta. The reason behind this name is connected with a legendary saying that if its height goes on increasing day by day then one day it would prickle & destroy the heaven and hence, Sisne Himal was chopped down by Holy God into three parts such that it’s head part it separated is now called as Main Dhaulagiri, the body part of it now called jointly as West Dhaulagiri & Central and, finally the remained parts are now called as the legs of Sisne. Sisne is also known by the name, Hiunchuli Patan due to a large field at the base of it. Once a Sisne – Jaljala Campaign (Si- Ja Campaign) was carried out during the time of Maoist’s Civilian War to call all places that receives view of Sisne Himal to unite together against the enemies. During the civilian war in Nepal, Sisne was taken as the base and many literaturers have written songs and poems and had increased the importance of trek, climbing and expedition.

On the top of Mt. Sisne, we can see most of the mountains of West Dhaulagiri Range including Kanjirowa mountain range. The expedition provides panoramic views of Sisne Himal. Although Sisne Mountain being small in appearance, it was shifted away from the Himalayan range towards south and, now it is visible from the terai belt of Nepal so, carries its enormous value. Besides the expedition, within the region of Sisne, the Kamal Lake of Rukum with beautiful Lotus flowers, Deurali Cave, the Gupta Daha of Sisne and the Shyarpu Lake of Banfikot has provided a lot importance to visitors. We can get fine tastes of variety of fishes of the Shyarpu Lake and Rukum Pokhara is renowned of its old culture, integral ethnicity settlement. Gupta Daha is the main attraction with heavenly feeling where we can see beautiful view of Sisne inside the lake. The Expedition also serves culturally rich old village settlements, shepherds meeting along with the hut stays, Yarsagumba harvesting zones, wild honey hunting, an importance of historic civilian war: 1996 to 2006 A.D. along with the tunnel trenches in the form of debris are till today.

Besides its elevation, it requires technical climbing; is uncommon. Roughly seen by the shape of fish tail, this mountain was considered impossible to be climbed by anyone. The day when our explore team being lead by Mr. Man Bahadur Khatri and climbing members; All Bahadur Khatri, Dhruba Bista, Munal Gurung, Nilam Gurung, Vinayak Jay Malla, Alonzo Lyons succeeded its expedition in 2013 A.D. with a major objective to promote mountains of the western Nepal using local climbers, Sisne started to earn numerous visitors wishing to make its expedition with excitingly. Sisne is really beautiful in the west part of Nepal but now due to the global impacts of climate it seems sometimes rocky especially during March, April and May months.

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Day to day outline itinerary

Day 01: KTM to Pokhara

Day 02: Pokhara/ Baglung to Burtibang

Day 03: Burtibang to Rukumkot

Day 04: Rukumkot to Triptara

Day 05: Triptara to Bhatechour

Day 06: Bhatechour to Sisne Village

Day 07: Sisne Village to Bhedewodar

Day 08: Bhedewadar to Sisne BC

Day 09: Climbing Period

Day 16: Sisne BC to Damar

Day 17: Damar to Gupta Daha

Day 18: Gupta Daha to Laipa

Day 19: Laipa to Chhipkhola

Day 20: Chhipkhola to Rukum Pokhara

Day 21: Rest day at Rukum Pokhara/ Rukumkot

Day 22: Rukum Pokhara/ Rukumkot to Burtibang

Day 23: Burtibang to Pokhara

Day 24: Pokhara to KTM

Detail Itinerary

Day 01KTM to PokharaWe got bus from Kathmandu early morning to Pokhara