Dhorpatan Cultural Trek

Author: Khatri, Man Bd. (manbahadursnp@yahoo.com)


Along with extension of Comprehensive Peace Accord in 2006, keeping a main objective to give my birth place a tourism region, I  started my journey towards Baglung and, Bhurtibang and from Dhorpatan to reach Rukum but, due to various circumstances and, with aim of visiting my home within the Great festival, Dashain passing by Nishidhor- Tekshera- Rikha lake- Kakri, we reached Rukumkot and for the region from Dhorpatan to Rukumkot, I had posted a small article in Rapti Post but, later on it aroused an controversy whether to give this trek a dhorptatan trek or the Guerrilla trek. The majority of my friends suggested to give it by the name, Guerrilla trek but, still remained controversy. But, our main objective was to introduce Rukum as a region for Trekking and expedition so we moved forward coordinating with various bodies of the related sectors. Although Guerrilla Trek covered areas from Beni to shyarpu only lower parts .and other areas, from Dharabang- Gurja-Chantung  -Falgune – Hukum was not Included only  Maiikot  Archal  Sisne chargaun , till Rukumkot/or Banphikot was Included  so we developed another trek  including  Remaining parts Dhorpatn Cultural Trek .I started the exploration continuously since, the highland trekking route was not explored and low land also need to include as I already mentioned . At the same time, we prepared GPS data and its track in the first stage at various parts of Rukum and at once on the one hand involved in the exploration continuously to prepare a route by connecting Rukum, Baglung, Myagdi, Dolpa and, on the other side to prepare a route by connecting Rukum, Jajarkot, Dolpa, Jumla and Mugu finally a conceptual map was also started. With a view to give the first one map with the name to provide as West Dhaulagiri and the next one as West Dhaulagiri & Kanjirowa, the work was carried forward. Till today, the reason to keep by the name, West Dhaulagiri is that the region in between Myagdi River and Thuli Bheri is the West Dhaulagiri. The region from Thuli Bheri till west and inner Humla Karnali is Kanjirowa but previously, since Sisne Himal was kept within Kanjirowa mistakenly and, Putha, Churen, Gurja of West Dhaulagiri was kept under Dhaulagiri by Government but, it is separate and sub Mountain Range from Dhaulagari. Existed controversy and, with a aim correction and develop tourism within it in order to help local people,

I am working for it. In Dhorpatan cultural  Trek, there are some beautiful mountain and lots of Interesting thing for new tourist. Dhorpatan culture  trek is lower part of west Dhaulagari with the mixed culture, Sisne Trek, Gurja Tek, Yarsha Trek, Rukum Discovery Trek, Nomado trek are wing of Dhorpatan treks which also locates between Kaligandaki River and Bheri River on the west periphery of Mt Dhaulagari. 


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