Rara Api Saipal Trek

  • Duration:30 Day(s)
  • Destination:Nepal
  • Max. Altitude:5300m
  • Grade:Moderate

Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Accommodation: Lodge + Camping

Max. Altitude: 5300m

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Rara, Saipal, and Api collectively form a captivating trekking circuit in the far-western region of Nepal. The trek, known as Rara Lake Trek, Saipal Trek, and Api Trek (3 in 1 Trek), offers a unique blend of landscapes and cultural experiences. It is an extensive journey that traverses the entirety of Far West Nepal. The arrangement of this trek involves a mix of accommodations, including local house stays, light camping (Bevoc Camping), and full camping, making it a distinctive adventure.

The trek presents a mosaic of nature, diverse cultures, and scenic beauty rarely found elsewhere in Nepal. If you seek a wilderness adventure, this trek is well-suited to fulfill your desires. The trek management varies based on group size and preferences. Larger groups may find comfort in a full camping trek, involving personal tents, porters, mules, and kitchen staff. On the other hand, smaller groups (less than three persons) can opt for light camping (Bevoc Camping) and local house stays, enhancing the cultural richness of the journey.

It is essential to note that local house stays provide a genuine experience, where travelers can request accommodation from local homeowners, enjoy local food, and contribute financially, similar to commercial homestays. In cases where local homes are unavailable, light tents can be utilized.

*Cost:* $2500 per person for up to 3 members; a 10% discount applies for groups exceeding three members.

*Permit Requirements:*
1. Rara National Park Permit: $30
2. Restricted Area Permit for Saipal Territory (Kada to Saipal Base Camp and back to Naya): $90 per week and $15 per day (required for 10 days)
3. Api Himal Conservation Permit: $20

*First Section: Rara to Chainpur*

Permit Required: Rara National Park permit needed.

Mode of Transportation: Flight, public bus, and Jeep.

Travel Route:
- Kathmandu to Nepalgunj by evening flight.
- Nepalgunj to Talcha Airport in the morning.
- Rara Lake is the largest lake in Nepal, creating ocean-like waves. It is an exceptional trek for bird lovers, especially during bird migration from Mansarover to Hinda Mahasagar, as they often rest in Rara. The lake, situated at an altitude of 2980 meters, is the main attraction of Rara National Park, offering stunning reflections of different mountains in the early morning. King Mahendra declared it a national park, leading to the migration of the Rara village inhabitants to Bardiy with government support. Rara is a popular destination in Western Nepal, providing a rich experience of local life and culture.

*Second Section: Chainpur to Saipal Base Camp and Duli to Naya*

Mode of Transportation: Flight, public bus, and Jeep.

Travel Route:
- Kathmandu to Dhangadi by flight.
- Dhangadi to Chainpur by public bus and Jeep near Kada.

This trek, known as the Saipal Base Camp trek, is relatively untouched and less frequented by tourists, especially during the season compared to the Api Base Camp trek. The restricted area, limited transportation, and other facilities contribute to its pristine nature. Given these circumstances, organizing a camping trek is more valuable.

*Third Section: Naya to Kaalagar via Surma Sarover*

Mode of Transportation: Flight, public bus, Jeep, and trek.

Travel Route:
- Kathmandu to Dhangadi by flight.
- Dhangadi to Chainpur by public bus and Jeep near Kada.
- The trek starts from Chainpur.

Permit: Saipal Base Camp Restricted permit is required for this section, which can be used continuously after completing the Saipal Base Camp trek.

This trek connects Api and Saipal, and between Duli village and Chiiti village, there are no settlements, requiring careful preparation for a 5-7 day period. The trek offers two significant side trips - Tapoban (hot spring) and Surma Sarovar.

*Fourth Section: Kalagar River to Api Himal  Base camp and toward  Makarigadh *

Mode of Transportation :

The Rara Api Saipal trek, spann

Mode . Flight  ,Public bus and Jeep

  Kathamandu to  Dhangadi  flight and  and Dhangadi to Bijgada   (regular bus goes  Chainpur  need to get off  Bijgada )  Then Bijgada to Girau we need to take reserve  jeep .

from Girun trek will  start after 3 Days we  Join  Kalagar Thadul camp.or   directly  you can join  chitti village via khandeshori  also .

ing from Kalagar River to Api Himal, offers a breathtaking journey through far-western Nepal. Travel modes include flights, public buses, and jeeps. Starting from Kathmandu with a flight to Dhangadi, the trek progresses through Bijgada and Girau, where a reserved jeep is essential. The trek incorporates Kalagar Thadul camp and Chitti village via Khandeshori, forming part of the Api Himal trek, showcasing the unique cultural treasures of the region.

In summary, this trek is a remote and naturally beautiful adventure from Saipal to Api Himal, exploring the highest peaks in the Saipal mountain range and Api Himal between the Seti and Mahakali rivers. With over three dozen sister mountains, the trek rewards with extraordinary view…This trek is  part of Api himal trek so  when we arrived  Chhti we can fellow api cultural treks 




Day to day outline itinerary

Day 01: Kathamandu to Nepalgunj

Day 02: Nepalgunj to Raralake

Day 03: Explore around Rara lake

Day 04: Raralake to Ratapani

Day 05: Ratapani to kolti (1453m)

Day 06: Kolti to Godakot /Chamdayo

Day 07: Godakot to Pokhara (2290m) via Bugaidaya pass (3460m)

Day 08: Pokhara to Ghat (Kurio)

Day 09: Ghat to chainpur

Day 10: Rest Day

Day 11: Chainpur to Talkot

Day 12: Talkot to jima

Day 13: Jima to Pansera

Day 14: Pansera Rest and Explore

Day 15: Pansera to kada to Hartailagna

Day 16: Hartailagna to Phedi (3450)

Day 17: Phedi to Sunigagad

Day 18: Sunigad to Marmadhar (3800m )

Day 19: Marmadhar to sabbad

Day 20: Ghusa to Khaikot

Day 21: khaikot to Simar

Day 22: Simar to Api Bc

Day 23: Api bc to Kalo tal (Black lake) and Back

Day 24: Api Bc to Khaikot

Day 25: Khaikot to Makarigad

Day 26: Makarighat to Latinath

Day 27: Latinath to Dhangadi and check inhotel

Day 28: Dhangadi to Kathamandu

Day 29: Rest Day

Detail Itinerary

Day 01Kathamandu to Nepalgunj Transfer to Airport and fly to Nepalgunj .Check in Hotel.

Day 02Nepalgunj to Raralake After Breakfast ,Transfer to Nepalgunj Airport and fly to Talcha Airport ,then Rara lake.

Day 04Raralake to Ratapani Trek 5 to 6hour

Day 05Ratapani to kolti (1453m)5 to 6 hours

Day 06Kolti to Godakot /Chamdayo Trek 6 to 7hour

Day 08Pokhara to Ghat (Kurio)Trek 6to 7 hour

Day 09Ghat to chainpur 6 to 7 hour

Day 11Chainpur to Talkot If you are in tight Sehedule this day will be day 4 Via Dhangadi Flight - Drive to Talkot via Chainpur Escaping Rara lake.

Day 12Talkot to jima 6 to 7 hours

Day 16Hartailagna to Phedi (3450)6 to 7 hour

Day 17Phedi to Sunigagad5 to 6 hour

Day 18Sunigad to Marmadhar (3800m )Daha Bhanjaynag pass Via New Dawa pass (4573)
trek 7 to8 hour

Day 19Marmadhar to sabbad 6to 7 hour if you are in tight schedule then this day will be day 5 via Dhangadi flight - Drive to Latinath via Gukuleshor .Escaping Rara lake.

Day 20Ghusa to Khaikot 6 to 7 hour